RE:CIPE 8 BEST Selling Sun Screens

27 May 2020

As of May 2020, the cumulative global sales of RE:CIPE Crystal Sun Spray are 45 million.

What is your Pick?

1. Crystal Sun Spray SPF50+, PA++++

-Magic color cap


-Cooling effect

-Win T-MALL Beauty AWARDS "BEST SUN" Category

2. Phyto Defense Sun Spray SPF50+,PA++++

-Water/City/Garden Defense

-UV Damaged Skin care with Phyto Complex



-Aqua Cream like texture


-Soothing&Firming Care with Marine Algae Complex


4. Daily Mild Sun Lotion SPF50+, PA++++

-For ALL Ages

-Mild Formula

-Minisize white residue

-100% Non-Nano Zinc Oxide UV filter

5. Crystal Sun Cream SPF50+, PA++++


-Anti-wrinkle effects

-Immediate Tone-up

6. Blooming Aqua Tone-up Sun Base SPF30, PA++

#01 Satin Rose/#02 Soft Lavenda

-Sun screen+Isolation in ONE step

-Moisturizing and Brightening

-Skin tone correction

7. Snow Cooling Sun Cushion SPF50+, PA++++

-Instantly Cool and Refresh skin on contact

-100% Mineral UV filter

8. Light Sun Milk SPF41, PA+++/Moisture Sun Essence SPF30+, PA++

-Unique Packaging installed with Anti-Bacteria Applicator

#essential_item for Sports

Can be used both indoors and outdoors.



With skin specialist & clinical trial

> COSMAX R&I Center

Production by automatic factories

Strict Quality Control